MonaTammy smokes shirt

MonaTammy smokes shirt


Bonnie Riley anything that is illegal and disrespects the victims. I made my comment here because morons seem to think the ACLU and other legitimate organizations make using someone’s image ok regardless of circumstances. I don’t give a damn what color anyone is that is wrong. Thanks for clarifying. I can understand the feelings you have, but unfortunately, someone who has been—not to use a euphemistic term—lynched becomes the subject of public interest, like it or not, as do the alleged perpetrators. I have seen families revolt against their loved one being used for political mileage (you know, criminal “illegals” killed their daughter) but legally I don’t think they would have a chance of prevailing if they chose that route. This doesn’t really fit into any of the privacy torts, as far as I know, nor do I think you can claim that ACLU is profiting commercially from these images. (Privacy torts: intrusion into seclusion; appropriation of name or likeness, public disclosure of private facts, and placing a person in a false light.) Still, the law and what’s right don’t always feel like the same thing, that’s true enough. Cheryl Jones, it is not today and it is not on this forum. You raise valid points and you are more than right in the many ways unscrupulous people will want to capitalize on/from/of this incredible human tragedy. Your point is not today and it is not this forum. That you are arguing it is – you are threadjacking because you think your point has more validity at this moment than a young man whose life was stolen AND his family needs justice. Only you want to dish out how people will want to capitalize on his death, kind of like deflecting from his death to talk about people wanting to profit from it. Got that point? When the ACLU posts about people making money off Mr. Arbery’s death, then you can share to your hearts content how mad it makes you, and I will be there cheering you on. Let the family demand justice!


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