Minnie Unbreakable epilepsy awareness shirt

Minnie Unbreakable epilepsy awareness shirt



Larry Jones that’s a very bold comment to make considering this legislation doesn’t apply to you even in the slightest. And it’s not YOUR body threatened to be turned into a glorified incubator bc despite all your precautions (no birth control is 100%, since you probably weren’t aware being male, and it being another Minnie Unbreakable epilepsy awareness shirt of conversation that doesn’t apply to you), you are put in a position by a man that will permanently change the course of your life AND potentially threaten your life. Keep your opinion in your pants. No one is interested in your desire to control other people’s bodies. Until you can carry that unwanted clump of cells/embryo/fetus to term yourself, your opinion on the matter is just another moot point in a very tiring discussion on who owns the rights to women’s bodies. Y’all notice how this guy is completely ignoring the questions about what happens after birth, right? He doesn’t give a crap about that. Nor does he realize that not all abortions involve a woman getting pregnant and then asking not to be. Larry Jones if you want to “stand up for the unborn”, being a coward behind a keyboard isn’t the way to do it. Vote for politicians that actually care for born folks. Vote for expansion of social welfare programs. Vote for science-based sexual education. Anything less makes you a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Richard Forrest again, how many pro-life individuals have you ever directly asked: “are you ok with those children getting welfare assistance if it’s truly necessary once they’re born?” Because I’ve asked a number of them and they all said yes. As I said, those against any safety net at all are pro-choice libertarians. The pro-lifers may want to prevent abuse of the welfare system, but I’ve NEVER heard one begrudge a child such support when their parents truly cannot care for them. Christy Rysz Snipp then they don’t know what that term means. True libertarians are for no government regulation of anything. If they’re pro-life, they’re not libertarians. Libertarians are fiscal conservatives and social liberals. Pro-lifers have a wide variety of economic and fiscal views, spanning the entire spectrum.


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