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Eviscerating a child in the womb is “healthcare”? Guess you’re all just hypocrites of the Hippocratic oath which clearly states do no harm to a patient (not to mention specifically mentioning to not perform abortions). Natalie Sarns Roof Is it not a nascent human being? Unless your definition of “child” precludes ages before 20 weeks then it is necessarily a child. Who I am, who you are, are all products of the moment we were conceived. Not after 20 weeks or whatever continually expanding number that is. Life is continuous. It’s not a piecewise function. And does saying “Eviscerating nascent human beings” sound much better? Because objectively that’s what abortion is if you research how Michael Myers Slay all day shirt is performed. Matthew Perlich keep your feelings and your religion to yourself. Having a second for someone like me can be literal life or death. I’m being denied getting my tubes tied and birth control isn’t a guarantee that I will never get pregnant. Plus, we only want one. Your feelings don’t change facts. Doctors’ oaths have nothing to do with abortion no matter how you try to twist it. And no, a fetus doesn’t feel anything before 20 weeks. It takes a real piece of work to seriously expect women to pump out babies just because that’s the expectation and to completely disregard their own medical needs or even a lifestyle of their own choosing. You aren’t changing minds your just being a bother and extremely asinine and insensitive. Prolifers wrote that law in 2002. Now they have become so extreme, they want fertilized eggs to have citizenship. The fact is that terminating a pregnancy is normal medical care and that is not going to change unless you want more dead moms and dead babies. We already have the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality because poor women lack medical care thanks to Republicans who hate the ACA.


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