Michael Jordan Dad shirt

Michael Jordan Dad shirt


Tax every church that promotes politics, is involved in them, or supports those who do. You could pay for national health care and then some. Yes, Evangelical billionaire preachers, I’m talking about you! Separation of Church and State is to protect the Michael Jordan Dad shirt from the greater power of the State. Religion is the humanitarian “brakes” on the potential tyranny of States. When you take God out of the equation (as in North Korea.) no evil is unthinkable. You don’t have to believe in God, as God, or even respect God…that is your choice. But you should spend some time in a Godless nation like North Korea just for a basis of comparison! Seriously, why would any thinking religious leader want to risk the health of their congregation and send them forth to risk others? They can have Zoom services, post weekly sermons to read or watch, call their members, and organize chains to stay in touch. They have this moment to teach responsibility and respect by using creativity and sitting all together just does not define being devout. So, testing laws seem so inane when balancing the greater good. Because you can’t fix stupid. Young people don’t understand risk. Older ones are using religion as a club to beat other people over the head. The Southern states are still fighting the Civil War. They’ll all find out the hard way. Religious groups with their purse strings, power, and influence so tied up in the procedural process of the federal government does not exhibit a separation of government and religion /church so as long as they want to continue to blend the two they should no longer be exempt from taxes. They have crossed the line, operating as a business/corporation. migration of people to the U.S. was to escape religious prosecution /regulations, yet here we are with them pushing for regulations and discriminatory actions against the very freedom and civil liberties this country was supposedly founded upon.


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