Mess with the honk you get the bonk shirt

Mess with the honk you get the bonk shirt



I am no doctor, oh, but I was a caretaker to my mom who had asbestosis. Similar to the virus it affected her lungs and respiratory. When she passed away her ability to bring oxygen was only at a 30% capacity. Her lungs constantly collapse and fill with fluid. She had heart attacks and blood clots just like this far as can do. I’m going to tell you what the professionals had told me about my mother’s breathing. When you cannot bring in the oxygen it clearly indicates you are unable to Exhale either and the poisonous toxins will indeed shut down your organs hell of a way to suffer to die. I want to remind you that my mother got good care and she got one-on-one attention. We have been seeing nurses and doctors plea with us because they don’t have enough protection for their selves and they don’t have enough ventilators they cannot handle cluster outbreaks because they do not have enough healthcare workers to give attention to one-on-one faces and people are dying because of that factor. The way the program was supposed to work is that the testing once a person was exposed was supposed to be tested and if they were positive they were just supposed to stay inside for 14 days and call others they have been around and tell them to do the same that way the Mess with the honk you get the bonk shirt notify the health department so that they can keep an eye out to prepare to send out the protection. But it didn’t turn out that way now did it and they think they can Buffalo Us by keeping on saying this strategy that they have enough testing, to me it’s past that point of being any value


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