May your holidays be Merry and Dwight shirt

May your holidays be Merry and Dwight shirt



We should definitely grant all these people asylum and let them live on the palatial grounds of the estates of people like Pelosi, Feinstein, and Schumer. Screw it, we should give them jobs in the house and senate too while we’re at it. I haven’t always agreed with our president’s actions, but have never been ashamed and afraid until Trump. They are letting an inept lazy man run things with seemingly no limits. He is destroying democracy and years-long allies. So many racists in these comments who don’t understand the difference between undocumented immigration, asylum seekers, and refugees, and just think “brown people bad.” How sad for them. Trap them in Mexico? You mean that accepts them as the first country they “seek safety” to? No no no, makes so much more sense that all these 18-45 years old male refugees that are leaving behind their women and children to whatever fate, instead come to the US as “refugees”. Not like they are incentivized by to come to a country that gives them free food, free HEALTH CARE, free education, housing vouchers, and money. No, because that’s just ridiculous. If immigrants came to our country and respected our laws by applying for citizenship and positively contributing, the problems they created for themselves by illegally invading our nation wouldn’t even exist. Self-created problems. It’s also extremely troubling and concerning to me how they drag children through deadly deserts, endangering the children in the May your holidays be Merry and Dwight shirt and traumatizing them leaving scars that will never heal. Think of the children before you make an illegal trek across dangerous deadly terrain. Vincenzo Gomez seeking asylum is legal. Why do you think parents take their children on a dangerous trek? Ask the Vietnamese boat people or the Cuban refugees.


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