Martin and Malcolm shirt

Martin and Malcolm shirt


I take issue with your “anyone working a full-time job deserves a decent life.” Some jobs are simply not worth that kind of money. Should a burger flipper make what a chief of surgery makes? Some jobs are entry-level. They are fine to learn to show up on time, get along with others, take pride in your work…but anyone can do them. That’s why the wage for those jobs is low. Now…once you have paid your dues and learned some skills and are worth something in the marketplace that is different. And it is why I am against high taxes on the rich…you are punishing hard work and success! I prefer a flat-tax….we can quibble on the numbers, but I’d like something like you to pay nothing on your first $35k of income. 15% on all forms of income over that. Katie Switzer-Coyle and you are incorrect again. I hesitate to have any more conversation with you because you don’t know what the constitutions say and what it doesn’t say. There is nothing in the constitution that says anyone has a right to vote. There are several amendments that say you cannot stop certain groups from voting…but nothing says anyone has a right to vote. he just wants to bicker with someone. He isn’t “in” unless he’s “all in” on being against anything and everything the ACLU does. If they were handing out free coupons for donuts, he would be fighting mad they did it deliberately to make people pack on pounds, what about diabetics, he’s totally sugar-free and it’s not fair, etc… Tom Paris off religious freedom is guaranteed and unalienable. There is no part of the constitution that says open borders are great. If US citizens can not travel outside the US, then the same rules should apply to others attempting to travel into their Martin and Malcolm shirt. Fair being what it is and all.


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