Mandelorean shirt

Mandelorean shirt



I know you people with TDS, you can’t be trusted. So if you and I can’t agree why would you think this country would except the results of an election by mail. This is a good way to start a civil war. But that’s a real thing for some of us. Having a glass wine and hoping trump grows some balls and starts listening to those who are more educated and have a better handle on the world than he does. Yes! I think you should be able to choose your party and automatically get your vote in. If you want to change your vote only then should you have to go in person or by mail? Would simplify things. I would take it a step further and so those like me who would never vote for another republican could just automatically vote for dem. Unless you by mail or in-person change your vote or party. We can share personal and credit card data, online, and buy things. But, somehow, voting online is not safe. And remember: the person in the White House lost the Mandelorean shirt by Three Million (3,000,000) votes, and that is considered valid. Correct me if I’m misunderstanding something, but wouldn’t this proposal require that the government already have biomedical data on hand for every single voter in order to cross-check that data? Rebecca Kelley, you are trying to divert and downplay the point, and doing badly. Show me where in the Constitution it says that you do not have to prove who you are in order to vote? Where does it say it has to be free? To be a poll tax has to be a tax specifically in order to vote. Drivers license or other picture id is a valid proof of identity for voting but is not specifically used for just voting.


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