Mandalorian blast the lightning shirt

Mandalorian blast the lightning shirt



There are so many complex things going on at different levels. the FBI wants to be a one-stop-shop for all reporting. The pitch is that it will eliminate duplication of effort, but I think someone should be concerned that the FBI is not simply eliminating effort period. It’s a bad time to decide to centralize power into one reporting station. The FBI is greatly skilled at moving a Mandalorian blast the lightning shirt quietly with almost no ripple, and if someone is being pressured or threatened I am sure this approach is agonizingly slow. In some ways, they are the only game in town but they shouldn’t have a monopoly on information. Laura Morrison Dersh has involved w/Epstein also in the first trial when everyone got off. Dersh represented himself. Kinda makes you wonder exactly what kind of guy he is. Epstein isn’t going to tell. It was an awful scene to watch in the show and more horrific to know it actually happened in Tulsa. Names of the guilty should be named and shame upon all those who participated and those who kept it secret. All the truth needs to come out. It’s necessary for our community to be whole again. Facing the truth of history is the only way to learn not to repeat it. It sounds pointless if people only repeat the past. I’d rather have the astrophysicists discover time travel to the past so we can erase and remake history. So you would sacrifice the people of the present to correct the wrongs of the past? It still sounds like mass murder to me. Jeremy Mose Rawley Paradoxes get in the way of such a thing. Better to unearth the past and learn. Sometimes you have to reopen a wound to help it heal. There are many fine books about this massacre now. Several years ago I read “Riot on Greenwood: The Total Destruction of Black Wall Street by Eddie Faye Gates.


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