Man I love to fish shirt

Man I love to fish shirt



It means the government and government-contracted agencies can’t use religion to deny people of their freedoms. You can still practice religion but the government is not supposed to tell if you should or not. I’m not advocating or condemning religious activity. I’m just saying the constitution does not specifically say anywhere that religion and state shall be separate. One has to deduce that from other texts. Guess it’s up to the Supreme Court to decide. A pure constitutionalist on the bench can rule the government and religion are integral. And it looks like a conservative Court will rule religious beliefs can be legislated into law. Guess you want to pay for orphanages then! Foster parents have enough to do, with low financial incentives already. It is demanding work and it takes special people to take care of children destroyed by an ugly past! It wasn’t the same agency before. They restructured, criminalized what was once in the civil domain, and gave the new enforcement agency too many extrajudicial powers. Trump then further changed our immigration code to be entirely about protecting us from immigrants and removed all language about protecting immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers. In abolishing ICE we would not be simply renaming an agency, but demilitarizing an overly aggressive system that has been given the power to ignore our rules of law. We must go back to the old Man I love to fish shirt where laws mattered – US law AND Internationally agreed-upon treaties – and immigration is decriminalized and handled as a civil infraction in civil courts. All the money we throw at the system now could easily fix the one problem the old system had – lack of resources. More money for processing means more legal aid, not more cages. Keep in mind that ICE is NOT border control. Homeland Security and border control also need to be fixed, since the toxic culture has infiltrated, but when people call for abolishing ICE they aren’t talking about opening borders. Wondering why you haven’t protected our rights all of us and allowed governors to take them away. Seems you are far left not a protector of American rights must be getting big money from George Soros


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