Man created god in his image shirt

Man created God in his image shirt



My work is a locally owned mom and pops place. We get forgotten just like everyone else who doesn’t work for a corporation. We are also deemed essential, but not treated as such because we are a small business. It’s not so much capitalism, it’s the laws that have been made to give them undue influence in government. The deck is stacked for the rich, you’d have to be a fool to go bankrupt 6 times, but they end up better off when they do, while the creditors and workers are left out in the cold. Corporations actually get way more welfare than poor people could ever get. If we got them out of our pockets and made them pay their fair in taxes we’d be a lot better off. If you don’t understand how privatized insurance and valuing human beings by only the work they do is a Man created God in his image shirt of capitalism gone unchecked, there is only one ignorant person I see here. Bob Noffke capitalism is what caused the US to respond so terribly to this disease. It’s why we have such a bad racism problem. Capitalism isn’t just traded. It’s the commodification of things we need and the exploitation of the most vulnerable. Socialists still trade, don’t worry. What does CEO compensation have to do with anything? McDonald’s is franchised, and as a company not counting franchise workers employs about 200,000 people, maybe a little more. That CEO pays if reduced to $0 could give a whopping $90 to every employee. It shows the great divide and how little the worker is compensated. There is enough money to provide health insurance and paid time off. And if not, they need to change their business model. I am personally for universal health insurance. I think it would be a win for everyone. Except for the insurance industry. What service does a CEO provide? I guarantee you he/she doesn’t flip millions of burgers every week. All they do is sit on their lazy ass and sign their own checks. Eat the fucking rich.


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