Mahkit Baskit Moah fah yah dollah shirt

Mahkit Baskit Moah fah yah dollah shirt



What jobs are these people doing? The South has a long and dishonorable record of arresting the poor for minor and even spurious offenses and then using their labor. They did it in steel mills, coal mining, turpentine production, agricultural work, etc. The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery but Southern industries still needed cheap laborers and this worked like a charm well into the mid 20th century. Perhaps still going on in Mississippi? Here is our local racist troll pretending that he has never heard of this before and wants proof, so he can then say it is a liberal lie, and that its simply because blacks commit more crimes. That is what racists like pest do unless he is attacking women, another favorite target for him. Impoverished and marginalized communities will have more crime. The prison Mahkit Baskit Moah fah yah dollah shirt responds by having more inmates from impoverished and marginalized communities. Does this post want to add something to that? Steve, I’m a Christian. This means that I value all people no matter what society or others may think about them – it does not matter if others deem them worthy or not. I get that you might not be and I understand that. Mike Lynch feel better for the self-righteous rationalization? If your child or a stranger drowning, which do you sacrifice? Do you kill an innocent person for one who has broken the law? Steve, saying “I value people” isn’t self-righteous, it’s just decent. Stop with the red herring, either people matter or they don’t. If you want to value people by their legal status go ahead but that leaves little room for unjust or imperfect laws. The times one will regret being harsh will vastly outnumber the times one will regret being kind.


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