Lunch lady I am shirt

Lunch lady I am shirt



Elizabeth Dresser omg you’re even more ignorant than I originally thought. Trans ppl are NOT natural. That is the reason they must go through a transition aided by medications and plastic surgery procedures to reach their goal. As for sports, there are no weight and height restrictions in many sports while there are in others. Trans women have more strength. Oh, and I have every right to privacy in the locker room. Trans is still a man physically. It’s immoral and it’s an attack on women. If someone is born with male parts guess what sweets, he’s a man. Dressing as a woman and putting on makeup won’t change the physical aspect. Enjoy along with the ACLU the big loss in the courts regarding this issue been a blast. You take care now. Elizabeth Dresser does yourself a favor and quits while you can still save face. Nothing you have spewed here makes any sense. If you were correct there wouldn’t be a separation of genders in sports. Every sport including in the Lunch lady I am shirt would be co-ed. All the strides and sacrifices female athletes made through the years and their contributions to their chosen sport would be worthless. Gone. A thing of the past. No thank you! Enjoy the pie in the face when things don’t turn out in your favor dear. Best of luck! Elizabeth Dresser – On average men are bigger, stronger and faster than women. Athletes and their trainers have known this since ancient Greek times, which was why athletic events were always separated by sex. Michelle Greenspan ROFL you still don’t even get this is about trans people and not cis people. Trans women are not cis men, particularly if they have medically transitioned. If you’re right, why no trans female athletes at the Olympics? Why do you keep dodging that question? According to you, cis female Olympians should be a thing of the past. And yet they aren’t. Why do you suppose that is? Think real hard now.


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