Lord’s calories don’t count Chick Fil A shirt

Lord’s calories don’t count Chick Fil A shirt



You’re an ignorant person. If you truly believe that making abortions illegal will stop them you’re a fool. Safe healthcare for women, whether you agree with her or not, must be protected! I have no say over your health care you have no say over mine.
Preach it teaches it to stay the hell out of my doctor’s office. Samantha Lambert considering I can have a conversation with others who think differently than me without resorting to name-calling, I’m going to safely assume my emotional IQ is quite high. Being pro-choice is not the same as being pro-abortion. It’s not a choice I would make, but I also know I’m not in the position to judge others. Having a choice is a right provided by our constitution, and I am grateful the ACLU is willing to fight for it. Samantha Lambert, do you stop boys and men from masturbating? It’s basically the same thing. Killing unborn children isn’t always on the woman. How many women are killed because they are pregnant, and the guy doesn’t want the wife to know about his affair? Samantha Lambert As an RN, several women have confided in me about a time in their lives they’d like to forget but can’t. A quiet woman who went to work and generally didn’t want to interact with hardly anyone was on my unit. I worked nights, some people’s fears or bad memories surface during the night. She didn’t make friends because she was afraid someone would find out the father of her son, was her father also. He made my patient step in for her mother who died when was 11. So she had a baby at 13. She didn’t know if she should tell her son. She didn’t know what was right, I don’t either. Another good girl was attacked by a guy she had been dating for some time. The boyfriend thought they’d been together long enough for her to “put out”. When she said no, he beat her into submission, the large bruises proved her words, but her family didn’t believe her. I knew that one first hand. She had to quit school, wear black, do all the housework, eat alone and could visit her friends on the back porch for a 1/2 hour a week. She had a little boy, & 2 ears left home never to return. I have other Lord’s calories don’t count Chick Fil A shirt I could share, but maybe this is enough to show bad things happen to people who did nothing to deserve it. So I know there are women that use abortion as birth control. I don’t agree with that. However, for those, they may pay a physical price if they do that too often. I pray for them to get to a better place. Strength comes through survival.


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