Lona a todos shirt

Lona a todos shirt



Elle Justin, I did. You are trying to play media type games. Abortion at any point for any reason is legal. Trying to turn it to a lie by saying not everywhere is being disingenuous. Trying to make me a liar by saying that it does not matter or count because it’s not legal everywhere. Not a bad strategy, but it’s still a lie. “I’m not for open borders, I’ve never said that. I’m just said I’m for abolishing all border security and deportation”. Elle Justin three kind of lies. The half faced lie. Just straight factually wrong statement meant to mislead. Lie of commission, leaves out relevant information with the intention of misleading
Misdirection. Many ways to use a fact to lie by manipulating or misdirection. You use that full term is not legal everywhere to mislead that it’s legal nowhere. Lol, you are trying to say that because you intended to mislead by misdirection with a truth dies not make it less a lie because you used a fact for the slight of tongue dies not make the whole any more true. Nothing I said is a lie in anyway. You’re the one suggesting women can obtain an abortion at any stage for any reason without any difficulty. That is not true. You’re the only one guilty of your own accusations. Steve Pest “Got nine months to do it”? That’s not how it works. Awfully naive, aren’t you? Ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, lupus, MS, cystic fibrosis. You went to med school, amirite? All lethal diagnoses for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a medical condition and legal abortion is a right-to-self-defense Lona a todos shirt and a right-to-privacy issue because it can cause grievous injury or death. When you have a uterus you can have a say. Bye, trollish Steve.


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