Live ugly fake your death shirt

Live ugly fake your death shirt



Many adults don’t do those things, can’t do those things – that you can don’t erase that fact or make those who can’t less entitled to vote. When it comes to voting there are barriers people face in being able to vote – that includes disabled people, it includes trans people or other minorities such as people of color who face systematic discrimination and covert legal barriers. Unfair policies can’t be changed overnight or by regular citizens without support. You’re on the ACLU page, commenting on a post about trans people facing trouble voting due to ID laws! Able-bodied doesn’t include all disabled. I clearly didn’t say trans people can’t buy cars or people of color can’t buy iPhones. My point remains that not everyone can do the things you listed, and people who are struggling to vote due to barriers like these aren’t inept. Yes, you are the one lacking empathy, you’re also being ridiculous and intentionally obtuse. Please tell me where in the US trans people, minorities, or disabled people cannot get an ID? Are you actually trying to say that minorities are not capable of getting an ID? That is a rather racist statement. You also don’t have to vote as half the Live ugly fake your death shirt doesn’t do it. So just because a small percentage of people either are not eligible or refuse to get an ID and complain about not being able to vote just doesn’t compute. The voter fraud “problem” is a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory pushed by those who would like to prevent persons they see as undesirable – non-white minorities. A case in point is the crusade in Kansas led by Chris Kobach. Years of effort and millions of that state’s taxpayer dollars yielded a handful of fraudulent votes out of the millions cast. The current administration isn’t concerned about creating a path for registered voters to be ID’d. If that’s what they wanted, so they would propose/ do. They want likely democrats not to vote against them, and so that is the source of their scrutiny


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