Live fast eat ass shirt

Live fast eat ass shirt



I hope they succeed in getting this ban overturned, but I have been trying to get somebody, anybody, to care about the military‚Äôs ban on disabled people in non-combat roles. We want to serve our country, too. Perhaps someday the ACLU could look at that too? It would mean a lot more good than most people might have considered. Tye Kerce, so you want equal opportunity employer to be the one defending this country? That’s an utterly ridiculous statement and it’s not the same as racially segregated troops. I’ll tell you what I want. I want the US Military to have and keep the best physical specimens, and mental specimens as possible. If the US military does not want to deal with people going through hormone therapy or anything else that could divert from the objective, then they have the right to do so. In fact, they have the obligation to do so. That’s what I mean when I say, equal opportunity employer. This isn’t Walmart. I also don’t think that men and women should have two different physical fitness requirements to join anything that could possibly lead to the defending of our country. First of all, the trans service members have already qualified to be in the military and are being kicked out due to discrimination on the part of the current administration. Second of all, every person who thinks a trans person should be kicked out should be required to enlist to take that trans person’s place. I mean, we can’t leave the military understaffed, can we? A straw man if ever there was one – the Live fast eat ass shirt in question is whether or not gender reassignment surgery should be covered by taxpayer dollars. Rob Sutera yes it should if they served when u start refusing one medical procedure where do u stop no heart surgery for anyone over 50 oh did I mention GRS is deeded a medical necessity for those that have it


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