Limited edition 2020 Mask Maker essential the year when shit got real shirt

Limited edition 2020 Mask Maker essential the year when shit got real shirt



Randy Darrah until you have actually walked in the Limited edition 2020 Mask Maker essential the year when shit got real shirt of a person who has lost a family member to homicide, you do not really know what you will do. It’s really easy to envision the wrath, the sense of vengeance, the desire to call for the death penalty. You can write what you think it’s like for a convicted person and be bold with your words “so someone murders your child”… To people who wear those shoes, you are one of those know-it-all’s who really know nothing. You invalidate the experience of someone who has lost their child. You minimize their loss with your phony outrage of “so someone murders your child”. You had better count yourself blessed because no one HAS murdered your child. You wouldn’t be the arrogant big talker you are if you were. It is not what you think it is. Until you experience that loss, how about you do not tell anyone what that is like? My niece was murdered, and your words are insulting. “They” do…. you don’t know anything about our loss, or “them”. Randy Darrah Do you know how much it costs us every year to execute people? Many millions more than it does to house them for life. Is personal vengeance worth this? It’s not a crime deterrent. Also, the criminal justice system is broken. Everyone knows this. Not just former attorneys like me who spent years getting innocent people out of prison and watching cops hide and falsify evidence. But it’s ok. I know absolutely no facts presented on social media can do anything to change people’s minds in any way because nobody is truly listening anyway. Just shouting, “I believe this!” to a bunch of strangers, and clinging to those beliefs a little bit harder every last time anyone questions why. Or switching the subject and making irrational false equivalents, like, “abortion,” which is hardly a governmental order to execute somebody for a crime. It is a medical decision, because innocent women die during childbirth all of the time, something you will never face, ever. But please, go ahead and carry on with your antics. You know all the answers and responses already, I’m sure. And I’ve never met a pro-death voter who was a-ok with executing adults despite inadequate representation and potential innocence, like you, who wasn’t crying about forcing women to give birth, even though most of the people who are ever executed were unwanted children. Pro-life! Until your first breath. Then it’s nothing but pro-death from that moment on. And the irony of this is going to be lost on you, too, I am sure. Take care.


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