Limited edition 2020 LPN essential shirt

Limited edition 2020 LPN essential shirt



Scott Beach remembers that the next time you walk past a person of Asian descent and your response is to shrink back into the corner. I’m well aware that a country isn’t a race, however, the narrative is that Chinese or Asian people are at fault for this… therefore their race is where to put the blame. That or our “president” wouldn’t keep calling it the “China virus” like the completely incompetent moron that he is. He has been setting the stage for racism towards this virus from the moment he bothered to acknowledge it. And he will continue to do so because he is a racist. It is said that people are so worked up with hatred for this President that they will defend an authoritarian regime that prohibits democracy, censors journalists, and has 1 million Muslims in “re-education camps”… the ACLU’s page no less. I don’t believe calling for restrictions was racist, I believe placing the blame for the complete and utter mass chaos of THIS country on another Limited edition 2020 LPN essential shirt and in turn, the dominant race of that country, IS. The right move was made to restrict the movements involving that country. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to call this virus a Chinese fault when actuality it’s our own fault for not taking the actions needed SOONER. Regardless, explaining this is more complicated via a FB post because it’s not in person and I cannot change the minds of other people.


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