Limited edition 2020 CNA essential shirt

Limited edition 2020 CNA essential shirt



Gus Rex They are inculcated to perceive in particular ways but beyond that they are Genetically Hard-Wired to respond to Facts that do not fit their limited World views with racism, being very ignorant and belligerent. Like you with denial, attacking like reptiles. Scott Beach, such as what? What is wrong in Devon’s comment? I want to know. The president isn’t a moron? Come on, every thinking American knows this president is a freaking idiot and a flaming liar. Why do you think we now have fact-checkers? They abound all over the internet just so we can keep ourselves in the know. Did you get it? This POS has been lying to you since he stepped on stage. Wake up, dude! Trump is an idiot who has once again proven through his incompetence. However, I do feel that we cannot continue to let the Chinese communist party continue to let loose viruses upon the rest of the world. The severity of these pathogens is only increasing and by turning on each other, here within the United States and abroad, the world community will only ensure a future where potentially millions of lives globally will be at risk. Donald Trump is a failed grifter who will go down as the worst figure to be selected as president. Let’s keep our attention on the greater threat. I am about as racist as a god damn breeze of wind there, pal. I was using the term Asian because racists don’t know the difference between a Japanese person or even somebody from Korea. I was implying (you’re obviously too smart for this) that YOU are unaware of the difference, therefore you will blame anybody that LOOKS Chinese for this and cower away in fear. One might say this because you don’t know the difference between an American with Japanese heritage vs a Chinese individual that FROM china. Quit trying to spin it into an “I’m not racist, she is.” Thing. It won’t work. You will be the guy that walks past a Korean or Japanese and blame them for the virus and then throw a tantrum because you couldn’t tell the Limited edition 2020 CNA essential shirt.


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