Lil bub Rest in peace 2011 2019 shirt

Lil bub Rest in peace 2011 2019 shirt



Lee Paxton, it depends which you find worse, ultimately. Is it worse that there were 4 documentable and prosecutable cases of voter fraud in the 2016 cycle; or is it worse that tens of thousands of voter were stripped from citizens who couldn’t afford (either by fee, or by time) to have their ID updated with the new laws’ requirements in order to vote? The fact of the matter is that there is a wider effort to keep as few citizens voting as possible, and those efforts target, with surgical precision, communities of color and the poor. That effort is more widespread than any conspiratorial voter fraud movement. There are checks in place to catch fraudulent voters, and they work, it’s just not the large-scale conspiracy you were told it was by your golden calf. But, Lee, if you feel that ID is still mandatory for a US citizen to vote, then you should vote to have those IDs provided at state expense to stay aligned with the Constitution. Andy Klein, I’m an immigrant and when I was studying for the citizenship test, I asked several native-born Americans some questions about things in the Lil bub Rest in peace 2011 2019 shirt. None of them knew a thing about it! Stacy Sanders no it isn’t what? If you must have an ID to vote and you have to pay for the ID or the documents required to get the IS then it is the same as a poll tax which is unconstitutional. Christopher Lee Kirkwood’s voting doesn’t cost. Proving who you are would be in that case. BTW poor people are required to show ID for government housing, food stamps, etc so that argument is out the window


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