Liberals suck shirt



I was fired for being gay. But Texas is a right-to-work (read: right to be fired with no notice for no reason) state and I had no protections. I hope the supreme court protects the rights of all people to not be fired for who they are. The irony. Gay white guys get annoyed at being discriminated against for being gay but have no problems hurling racist remarks against minorities and failing to fight for equality amongst the LGBT community. Nicholas E Skyles the Christians have become very un-American with their attempt to enforce their bizarre form of Sharia Law on the rest of us. I’m a better Christian than any trump supporter, I am an Atheist. He was fired for being inappropriate. The girl customer was nervous about being so strapped up to a guy. And he replied with don’t worry, I’m gay. So in other words, don’t worry I’m not gonna get a boner or want to fuck you. Read the story you goons. Caleb Morgan the employer conceded he was fired for being gay. They are arguing they can do that, not that they didn’t do that. Nice victim-blaming. Typical Trumpkin, making up facts. Even when people confess they ignore it. Don’s ordeal started when he completed a tandem skydive with a woman who signed up with her boyfriend. During a tandem skydive, the instructor and passenger are strapped very tightly together at the shoulders, chest, and hips. In an attempt to reassure his customer about the close contact, Don told her that he was gay and had a husband in Texas to prove it. Don thought nothing of the comment, but a few days later he was suspended without pay. Don’s boss told him it was inappropriate for him to share with customers facts about his personal life — the fact that he had a husband and not a wife. This paragraph may undermine the entire case. Don volunteered knowledge of his personal life with a customer that could have felt uncomfortable with it. Regardless, if you’re an at-will employee then you can be fired at any time for any reason without any warning. The Liberals suck shirt to prove it was a retaliatory termination that was actually illegal is difficult at best.


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