Let’s face it I was crazy before the cats shirt

Let’s face it I was crazy before the cats shirt



You’re saying on average Americans are worse than the average human in any other place In would? I guess all Christianity isn’t working. Those older erroneous convictions didn’t have DNA evidence, and Anthony Porter was released before further evidence of his guilt came to light. His prior shooting of 2 people in the same park wasn’t even admissible in consideration. The workers who had to remove John Gacy’s basement full of skeletons agree with me, and he’s only one of many whose early parole on a sexual assault conviction taught him to kill the witness/victims. Kindness to the cruel causes of cruelty to the kind. In the middle of a pandemic, the ACLU is having an emotional breakdown over felons and illegals. Or, like any good leftist, they are seeing an opening to exploit during a crisis. Lots of felons are going to die from this plague who shouldn’t be in prison in the first place, because they were railroaded for lack of money or completely innocent. Illegal immigrant, noun: a term used by a racist descendant of racist invaders to refer to the descendants of native inhabitants. The increasing population and dwindling resources make an authoritarian state inevitable. The increasing crime from handicapping police and increasing the welfare system and cultural changes brought about by immigration will hasten it along. That is the goal of communist organizations like the ACLU. I don’t like communism but I do agree with the ACLU that people are too stupid to vote. The sooner they and other Let’s face it I was crazy before the cats shirt such as BLM, Soros’s organization, etc collapse the system the sooner your glorious equality will appear. Everyone will be equally poor.


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