Let the evening be-gin shirt

Let the evening be-gin shirt


I don’t agree with everything they do but I like having them fight the legal battles that don’t always get noticed or are too expensive for individuals. They are a good balance because they will defend your rights as they see it even if they don’t like you If it is an important constitutional issue. Really? You mean like because it’s the truth? The ACLU is as ACLUseless as the SPLC. Suing on behalf of Illegal Aliens and not Americans. Not a single lawsuit to stop these cities and states releasing child predators. Incidentally; My little brother is doing 25 to life. Or rather is at the end of a 25 to life sentence that should have been addressed as a mental health issue. I’m rabidly ANTI-three strikes law. I don’t believe in capital punishment as there is an epidemic of predator prosecutors out there. You should actually read more than the leftist bullshit. Democrats, the media, ACLU and SPLC exist to “represent” criminals and our enemies. There are exceptions to every rule. Fear is generally an irrational state of mind. There is nothing flawed with that logic. But, by all means, be as frightened as you want to be and use your fear to make decisions in your life. Far be it from me to stop you. I will not get down in the dirt with you. Go in peace. I contemplate this quote all the time in trying to understand why people hate and why so many people are so angry. It all goes back to fear. So I try to understand what they are fearful of and it helps me see things a bit clearer. Michael Kildaire wow. Another pro-choicer asking me how I am going to pay for a stranger’s child? Typical baseless rebuttal. “This guy believes all unborn child deserves a chance at life, we don’t need clones of you”. What the literal fuck? Do you think it’s WRONG to stand up for the defenseless that you wholeheartedly lovely to kill? Did you really just say I can’t have an opinion until I have money to pay for other people’s problems? You can’t be serious right now. Sounds like you’re just another pro-choice offended by the fact that you support the Let the evening be-gin shirt of unborn children and you’ll do anything to make it seem like someone else’s problem. I’m sharing an opinion, what kind of response is that? “Don’t share your opinion” cause I won’t fulfill your expectations, a stranger, on the internet, telling another stranger, to keep his opinion to himself? You are as anti American as an Iranian citizen.


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