Legends never die Tom Petty shirt

Legends never die Tom Petty shirt



They’re in cages without the basics I seriously doubt at higher risk. They’re already beyond dismay and the US government is to blame for. Right all those children even the toddlers in diapers violated the law by being kidnapped from their parents and should be confined in prisons with inadequate food, unclean water, no medical care or vaccinations, no clean clothing, no warm beds, only a concrete floor, and no education or even recreation. Make and donate face masks with 4 layers of fabric; cotton is best. Make 3 big pleats across the middle. Sew 4 long ribbons in the corners. Or take a paper towel and make 3 accordion folds across the middle. Fold over each side to hold a rubber band. Staple. Youtube has directions. Insist on a vote by mail in your state. It’s wonderful. States already have these Legends never die Tom Petty shirt set up used by the elderly, people with disabilities, and others. They just need to extend these systems to the entire state. You can sit at home and fill it out on your own time. You can mail it or drop it off outside county buildings or at the polling place if you’re a procrastinator like me. No standing in line. You walk in and stick it in the box. You can then either call or check online to make sure that it was not only received but counted as well. Best yet, in the age of computer hackers, there’s a hard copy for recounts if there are issues. States are moving to this system. Demand yours does as well. Echo Moon one thing it does do is stop shutting down certain polling places where minorities vote. If there is universal mail-in voting, all you have to do is mail in your vote. You’ve heard of how Texas and other states are closing polling places in minority districts, right?


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