Led Zeppelin signatures shirt

Led Zeppelin signatures shirt



Marge Carpenter Hayden people like you shouldn’t be pushing my son do to things he doesn’t want to do, that he ends up doing anyway so that he doesn’t get bullied. Remember, atheism is growing and your time in the majority will end soon. Report it to ACLU. The more they know what is going on the better. This so-called Christian world has become so unchristian with all the racism and hatred in the world. We need to uphold the Constitution or we will become an autocratic state and will lose all values we have as a democracy. Each person’s differences are just as important as anyone else. Marge Carpenter Hayden Not the majority. Hasn’t been for quite a while. So, actually, the minority have God in their lives. Engage your religion at your place of worship and in your home. Kris Oliphant Steiner, You would probably have a complaint if it was mandatory to attend. Just because it was at a church doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a religious service either. It could have been a community event. The bus driver on my kid’s bus plays recorded sermons and gospel music the entire ride home. My daughter knows this is not allowed and has made this clear to the driver. Shut your face ACLU. I’m so tired of people who aren’t Christians telling us that we’re not allowed to share the gospel where we want. Separation of church and state was not meant to be freedom from Faith. We can speak freely about Jesus wherever we want. Frankly, the Wiccans, the Muslims, the JWs and whoever else can share their beliefs wherever and whenever they want too. This country was founded on religious freedom, not the absence of faith. Not in taxpayer-funded arenas. That’s been the Led Zeppelin signatures shirt for a very long time. If you want religion intimately intertwined with government, move to Saudi Arabia.


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