Leave me alone I’m only speaking to my cats today shirt



“If you see something, say something.” This person saw what appeared to her or him as a cover-up. Yes, they may not have been privy to the conversation in question, but they did see sign the signs of a cover-up. We don’t need eyewitness testimony to impeach Trump. What the White House has released is already enough. Jim, I feel so sorry for you that you lack the ability to see someone who is as horrible as our president obviously is. He is the worst thing to ever happen to this country and if you support him, shame on you! Why wouldn’t a whistleblower be given whistleblower status? That is the law. And, why are you concerned about him? His claims have been validated by the transcripts. I’m Adkins Jr. He’s a traitor. How are you not grasping that? My Republican father who volunteered to serve in Vietnam and died due to complications from Agent Orange exposure is rolling in his grave right now because so-called patriots like you are supporting a traitor who is selling out our country for his own personal and financial gain. Just stop. He has always shown us who he is. A little boy who is in his 70’s and resorts to bullying, name-calling, threats when things don’t go his way. The Leave me alone I’m only speaking to my cats today shirt, as POTUS he has wreaked absolute havoc in our country and the world and will continue until removed. It’s just like Cheney when the one journalist said the motive for war with Iraq was all bullshit, so Cheney leaked his CIA wife’s identity to the media blowing her cover and nearly costing her life.


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