Kurt and Ernie shirt

Kurt and Ernie shirt



Do you really think workers making ten dollars an hour supporting their families can pull thousands of dollars out of their pocket for culinary school? They’re lucky to make the rent. Are you one of those folks whose parents gave them the money to start their business and are pretending they made it on their own? Everyone isn’t lucky enough to have wealthy parents. Are you foolish or just cruel? That’s the problem tho. People used to work jobs like this and be able to climb out of poverty. But now these places are set up to keep you there. College and trade schools have become so expensive. That working a job or two will never put you through them. So you are forced to take student loans and go into debt just to get a good job. You can thank Sally Mae and our government for that. If you live in America. There are exceptions to this. Lazy workers who don’t try to better their life. The lie you’ve been sold is that everyone stuck at a job like this is lazy. Sadly that’s not the case. People try to get better, but just get shoved down by the corrupt Kurt and Ernie shirt we have set up. Less and fewer jobs are offering full-time and even ones that have a loophole set up so they don’t have to pay out insurance or sick leave. Contract workers temp workers. It’s honestly all fucked. Unemployment is paid per employee quarterly and must be placed in special accounts. If that employee resigns willingly the company gets that money. But if they have cause for unemployment then they get paid out of that fund until such a time they are employed. Please stop pretending you’re worried about people’s finances while you ignore and refuse to respond to my messages about my monthly donation for over 2 months. Do NOT donate to ACLU. They will not respond or take calls if you need to change your donation.


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