Kiss me I’m highrish shirt

Kiss me I’m highrish shirt



Herman Frisbee, I base this on the fact I never hear pro-lifers who are concerned about this. And, I never hear of pro-lifers who think the medical costs of childbirth should be fully covered for all. The fact that you disagree is additional proof. Thank you for backing me up. Karen Iezzi, oh, is that it? How come I always see posts about forcing women to have a baby but I never see the same folks wanting to give the child health care, or, in this case, to give legal protections so she can work? It is not because I have unfriended anyone. All the pro-life folks seem interested is punishing and shaming. Punishing and shaming those who choose to have an abortion and punishing and shaming those who are struggling. Karen Iezzi, you had a chance to prove me wrong by supporting these women. You didn’t which proves my point. You claim to be against abortion, but, when given the Kiss me I’m highrish shirt to advocate to make becoming a parent easier, you are awol. My friend got fired when she got pregnant, she didn’t do anything wrong and was the first to pick up hrs when our location needed. Simply because they assumed her productivity would be affected. Can you imagine being pregnant, then unemployed, and then without health insurance? The triple whammy that happens to far too many women. And meanwhile, we have an entire party who refuses to pass laws to provide comprehensive pregnancy and family leave while they also target you as a lazy good-for-morning if you need public supports. And if you’re poor and unskilled, they want you to immediately go back to work after the baby is born. But then, you immediately lose all help; Medicaid, housing support, food stamps, childcare assistance… Too bad! You got a job like we forced you to, so now you and your child or children are really desperate and on your own! The complete insanity of the US and conservative-created system here.


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