Kevin Malone chibi shirt

Kevin Malone chibi shirt



Such overt ignorance. Nobody wants to help anybody else. That’s the bottom line. We all do this all the time. I don’t drive as many miles a year on the roads as some, yet pay the same taxes. So strange how the GOPers claim to be the party of Jesus but then spit right in his face. See, God clearly says you are to treat the stranger in your land as your own. I’ve yet to get one single Trumpet to answer how they justify ignoring this part of God’s law, yet they want to force the bible down our throats. Jim Murray, I am so sorry but I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Please refresh my memory? I tried to read your earlier comments but still did not get your point. Do I hate the traitor in chief yes? Do I believe he is a racist traitor yes, do I believe he uses immigrants for his own self-interest yes? Do I think he should be behind bars, YES? So please exactly what was YOUR point to me? Jim Murray Sounds like you are judging with your “Saintly left that demeans the GOPers” comment. Great that you and your wife do some great work out there, but be proud of it without using it to prove to us that you are good people. It doesn’t work that way. Jim Murray no he was & always was called a racist while living in NYC. His family was known to cheat and scam and refuse lawful tenants to the Kevin Malone chibi shirt if they did not have the “correct” pigment. Drumpf cheated hard-working people out of their money. Lawsuits from construction firms are on the record. Adrian Motley Hey Adrian and Jim – remember when the US required people to apply in person to be citizens, and that they had to do it on US soil? I know you do because SURELY you would’ve Googled this to gain information and not swallowed up Fox News’ talking points about the issue. Well, that’s still the case. Also, refugees are allowed here and have been for decades.


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