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This isn’t about Florida. And it has nothing to do with their amendment 4. This about restoring the right to vote for all those in prison. You’re off on some unrelated tangent. How would I know you were even talking about Florida? Since they weren’t even mentioned. Jinga Jappeppa, the Keep calm and let the German girl handle it shirt of people in jail are not guilty of anything under the law. They are awaiting trial, and are therefore innocent until proven guilty, but too poor to post bail. William Gechtman any concrete numbers to go with the statement? Like 51% of the people are awaiting trial and being held because they can’t post bail. Basically what you are saying is 49% of our prisoners have been convicted of a crime but 51% are waiting for trial. Would you say that most of them are innocent? Or minimal crimes with maximum persecution? Kathryn Johanknecht Jesus. I’m asking for clarification from a quote. I’m not going to do a research paper on it. I find it unfathomable that more than half the population incarcerated is awaiting trial. But since you challenged me, I will take it up and do the research. If it’s right, it’s right. If it’s wrong, then what? Are you going to take your ball and go home? Call me a liar, bad info? Let’s see where this goes. Kathryn Johanknecht that didn’t take long. Based on the prison policy initiative. It’s half accurate. So we can call it a tie. More juveniles are held or confined for no crime at all. 46,000 out of the 63,000 falls into this bucket. It’s explained that many youths simply don’t have guardians available or can’t make bail. Adults incarcerated awaiting trial falls into a complicated math equation. If you take first-time offenders the number is small. It is less than 1%. The number of repeat offenders is staggering. Being under correctional supervision accounts for almost 7 million people. Waiting for trial is 2.1 million. Not close to a majority but a huge number. County and state jails hold 1.9 million. 1 million of them is due to violent crime. After running the numbers, reviewing the data and taking all incarcerated people into account. My question is not outrageous. It is not the majority. So thank you for the challenge. I only used one source, as stated, if anything else comes up please share.


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