Just a 90s mama raising her rugrats shirt

Just a 90s mama raising her rugrats shirt



Is there any organization challenging the billions in grants they unconstitutionally gave churches and religious organizations in the PPP Stimulus Bill, the unemployment for church employees even though they don’t pay into the Just a 90s mama raising her rugrats shirt and churches using that money to lobby Congress? Taxpayers should not be forced to financially support any religion we don’t subscribe to or any religion at all for that matter. I wish I had the level of privilege illegal immigrants have. They basically get to break the law to come here, and then groups like the ACLU encourage them to not only break the law but to stand up and say “We are here illegally and not going anywhere AND we demand you allow us to stay here and provide services for us.” And don’t forget the Space Force! While our crumbling infrastructure goes unrepaired, millions of us are still without health insurance, thousands are living on the streets throughout our country, our education issues have been totally unaddressed, and every critical issue in our country has been completely ignored- we will get a space force. Whee! Randy Darrah, 97% of the people who depend on public support are elderly and poor, severely disabled, already working but still too poor, or children. Social Services uses those wonderful computers to keep extensive records. They even post them on their website for people who actually care about being well-informed. But keep up the nasty conservative rhetoric. Attack the most vulnerable people in your country and then tell us how patriotic you are. I’m not sure what you are advocating for. Even a criminal suspect has rights. Only due process can strip a person’s rights away. If someone breaks the law, arrest them, try them, but do it within the rule of law. The government cannot do whatever they want, however, they want.


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