Jokers friends shirt

Jokers friends shirt



Christine Brannon-Miles what is astonishing is how you wish to change the subject away from the Illegals who do it when the subject of the post is on family separation of Immigrants and a part of that is the reason behind it is to protect the kids because of the high number of children who are being trafficked by them. Christine Brannon-Miles if you would like to talk about rape and Trafficking, in general, that is fine, just find a post on that subject to address it there. but here it is on the subject of family separation of Immigrants. How can you be surprised? You helped create the law that makes separation necessary. I notice that it’s an African family trying to cross the Mexican border illegally. But of course, open borders are good, no terrorists or criminals will follow this woman’s example. I am ashamed of this administration and how adversely it’s affecting my respect for our country and watching our democracy and our Constitution be trampled on. Jane Palmstrom says nothing about allowing Welfare seeking burdens, drug smugglers or sex traffickers into our country. And, yes, it is documented that such people attempt to enter our country. Jane Palmstrom they’re not on the statue of liberty and they have nothing to do with this country. It was a stupid poem talking about European poors coming here, something they might say. For some stupid reason, it was put in the Jokers friends shirt and people act like it’s the national motto. Ty Hendershot, instead they got free land (Homestead Act) instead of welfare and healthcare. They were mostly subsistence farmers. Welfare provided by fellow settlers taking care of each other. Without medical care, they were left on their own. Mortality was higher. And they rarely spoke English for at least a generation. Many Europeans were recruited to settle the Plains. Some left to escape conscription into the military.


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