Joker Simpson Krusty shirt

Joker Simpson Krusty shirt



I already exercised my right to vote in our early voting for the Primaries. Too early to tell who will end up as the nominee, but whoever he/she is, will get my vote. Anyone but Trump. Vote Blue to vote Trump out. Even if the economy is doing well, which it was before Trump, it isn’t enough to vote for Trump, his awful actions are why I won’t vote for Trump. Trump supporters still using debunked talking points, to ignore the fact that knowingly falsifying information and improperly filling out a form is not the same thing. There is a reason why you cannot just “get citizenship” upon arriving in this country. They need time to make sure a person is a good fit and they haven’t made false claims on their Joker Simpson Krusty shirt. If any of this is legal, then Melania and her parents should lose their citizenship. Brian Morris, I celebrate a woman’s right to choose a profession for herself. It’s often not easy (watch Bombshell). I’m just curious as to what is allowed. There was a time when the USA was short medical professionals; doctors, nurses, etc. I know many nurses and doctors who got in that way. Melania’s father was a member of the Communist party back in Slovenia. Guess that wasn’t an issue since he came through chain immigration (which Trump has opposed) and got his citizenship. There are different rules for Trump and family than there are for the rest of the population.  Barbara Hailey Hunter, They also endlessly make the claim that she was a “supermodel”. Not! Her website said that she had a college degree. She had to remove that once Trump ran for office and reporters discovered the truth. She dropped out of college her freshman year. She claimed her mother was a clothing designer. She worked in a clothing factory as a pattern maker. She was in a few foreign countries when she first started modeling but only for a short time before she arrived in the US. In no way do I believe that she’s fluent in 6 languages. I want to see it.


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