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CNN President Jeff Zucker is spoon-feeding his hate for Trump to his pundits that spew it on TV and Facebook to their sheeple viewers. He should resign now! CNN is biased fake news and this undercover video proves it. Just like when undercover video showed Van Jones saying the Russia collusion hoax was a “nothing burger” despite the narrative CNN was spinning on TV. MSNBC is no different. Daniel McDowell paying for sex that’s still wrong. He put himself in that position. No I don’t think she should have taken his personal items but at the same time it’s hard to say. We weren’t there. It wasn’t self-defense. She likely did it out of anger. Revenge/retribution. She was obviously a victim, but that doesn’t justify what she did to him. Seeing as the man was asleep, she had every opportunity to just leave the Joker I hate people shirt. I understand her supporters feel bad for her, but we shouldn’t let our emotions cloud our judgment. In no way was this done in self-defense. And many many prostitutes have been killed by John throughout time but people will say “that’s what she gets” and show very little compassion for him. But when it’s a john that’s killed suddenly it’s “poor him, shes a monster”. I’m not saying any of it is ok but step back and look at the big picture of prostitution. Men are hardly victims. Caesar Naftzger is given I’ve worked for the Government 10+ years I mean to stick to speed dating or travel overseas but stick to 18+ and don’t pay for sex. Simple as that. Don’t support prostitution or the sex trade and legit actually date and find a compatible partner. There’s plenty of options without resorting to prostitution or the sex trade and any monsters buying children I’ll destroy them myself if I ever catch them in the act.


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