Joey doesn’t share food shirt

Joey doesn’t share food shirt



Because it is something that if they stay away from they can turn it in their benefit later on and they don’t really particularly care about what’s really going on in America it’s bad or good they just want to get elected. I don’t see how they can get the majority vote on what they are espousing. People need to pay attention to what these fools are running on and not vote D just because your Union tells you to. Schiff and Pelosi are over in Jordan more worried about setting up the President and securing someone else’s borders. Seriously if you want to stop the illegals coming across just start the meme that they all vote Trump and the Dems will have “Border Emergency” as the talking point running 24/7 on every seditious news channel. Beto is just a Soros fraud and he’s Irish lol. Why even confront this nutjob? Keeping him in the lights of publicity? There’s no issue here to be argued. He is in NO WAY a threat to even come close to being on a ballot. It seems the biggest problem with O’Rourke is that it is his way or NO way as he refuses to hear really hear anything that goes against the way he thinks. Nothing said that he does not believe will sink into that thick skull of his because he thinks he knows what is best for everyone. Tena Thorne maybe not all, but it is the Democrats who are pushing for open borders and even go out of their way to help immigrants force their way in illegally, and then give them benefits. Give them driver’s licenses, and some are letting non-citizens vote openly. Of course, non-citizens will vote Democratic. It is interesting that they are more interested in Syria and Turkey than their own citizens on the border and all of the Joey doesn’t share food shirt who has been traumatized, injured or murdered by illegals who are being allowed in and even protected by members of our government. That is all okay, but us getting out where we need to get out is borderline impeachable?


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