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Joe shirt



Sarah Nordeck well you’re making the claim women are paid less simply because they have a vagina….. so give me one example or several, where there are companies only hiring women. You’re fundamentally saying women are paid less merely because they’re women, you don’t need men there to make that claim, you’re already making it. Let me break this down and talk real slow so you can follow, cause you don’t seem to even understand the basics of the conversation. Wage gaps exist. Not all workplaces are affected. Not all women are affected. But it is a thing. Men make more money in some instances, just for being men. So when the topic comes up on social media… Men are generally the only ones that criticize or denounce it. Because they are men and they have never experienced it. I simply pointed out the fucking obvious. And surprise… Some men got butthurt over the truth. Travis McGleno she’s repeating herself because you’re (hopefully, intentionally) misinterpreting her words.
When looking at the group of people who don’t believe the wage gap exists you can see a trend. It’s people with penises who routinely disbelieve it because they haven’t experienced it personally. That doesn’t mean your penis causes you to have this deficit. It just means the deniers tend to share the Joe shirt. So why do white women make so much more than Black women? White women should voluntarily donate their excess wages to black women. Oh, apparently no one cares about brown women. Or red or yellow women. The wait is that racist? I’m not trying to insult you, but I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Do some research, systemic racism is a thing. Interracial Marriages were technically illegal in Alabama until 2000 and even then it marginally passed with a ~60/40 vote. If that doesn’t scream that there is a problem, then… well, that would kind of just make you a bad person.


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