Jink Johnson 2020 shirt

Jink Johnson 2020 shirt



Sure…let’s release the criminal “virus” and infect the law-abiding population. How can you not see the current situation as an opportunity for criminals to commit more crime? They were incarcerated specifically to segregate them from society. It’s not like they would be released to paying jobs. This is beyond stupid, reckless, and short-sighted. Loren Drzal anywhere these prisoners happen to go, they will have the same set of risks as they do in prison. The Jink Johnson 2020 shirt is everywhere. Once out they will have to be quarantined just like the rest of us, risking their health to buy groceries or work as an essential employee stocking shelves or flipping burgers. If they’re at higher risk in prison they would be bringing that high risk into homes with the elderly and children. It seems like a bad idea to me. During the 1970s through the 1990s, I donated over a gallon of blood. I was very popular. Then I moved up to WA state in 2000 and went out to the blood bank and apparently there was a new question: Did you live in Europe between 1985-1991? Well, I was living in Holland from 85-89 with the US Army. I was also over there during Chernobyl (the last botched coverup that could have been treated faster if the government acknowledged the problem.). So I asked them why during that timeframe? The answer was “mad cow disease”. And I was like, mad cow? There was an outbreak of mad cow disease in the UK during that time frame and a lot of beef went out of the UK all over Europe, especially to military commissaries (we didn’t, we got ours local), and apparently the FDA is unable to screen the disease from the storage. I looked the guy in the eye, told him “Do I look like I grew horns and laugh maniacally at you?”


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