Jesus saves hockey shirt

Jesus saves hockey shirt



The DOJ does have the right if people’s rights are being violated. You are correct, the basis is called strict scrutiny but these locked down the order is not narrowly tailored and do not use the least restrictive means. These executive orders are valid in most cases for only 30 days and must be approved by the state legislature to continue. This is a total disaster and a huge loss for the American taxpayers. We the people overwhelmingly voted Trump and we the people want the wall for a reason! The ACLU is funded by George Soros and the Chinese government to interfere in our democracy, AG Barr will soon investigate and prosecute swiftly with a hard hand. Pete Zengota Exactly. Usually, people who would make such a profound claim have the ability to back it up with sources. But Aaron here, a special man indeed, apparently lacks basic English, and can’t provide a simple link to his own claim! It’s truly remarkable. It’s almost as if he’s lying and he can’t! So when the left-wingers pass federal gun control – and the States refuse to enforce it (and we the People refuse to follow the gun laws) will you all be so happy about violating the law? I just proved you were lying through your teeth. Noncitizens have constitutional rights. I said nothing about deporting them, nice try. Trump lost this lawsuit and can’t withhold funds. I’m sorry you prefer to have a dictator that doesn’t have to obey the law, but that doesn’t fly with our constitution. Good boy, you told more lies. And now you’re walking back your claim, that noncitizens don’t have constitutional rights. What you think is perverted is irrelevant, this precedence has been around for over a hundred years. My source clearly proves you wrong. If you don’t have the integrity to read it, then why keep tagging me? I’m just going to keep referring you back to the Supreme Court rulings that clearly prove you’re lying through your teeth. The sates aren’t breaking the Jesus saves hockey shirt, Trump was. He lost this lawsuit. Facts don’t care about your feels.


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