Jesus saves everyone else roll for damage shirt

Jesus saves everyone else roll for damage shirt



Yet you’re calling for women’s lives to be devalued in favor of a fetus and somehow using the pandemic to support such a statement. Women having time-sensitive medical procedures does not impact the rest of the medical community’s ability to do their jobs. And actually, encouraging women to come in earlier and doing as many medical abortions as possible is helpful in reducing the use of PPE for medical professionals who need it for a surgical abortion. Calling a woman a “female” is quite telling. We are humans and more than just our sex. Doctors are needed where doctors are needed. Regular non-COVID surgeries, procedures, and appointments are still happening as needed. Women’s lives don’t become less important because of this crisis. We can do both. Women don’t have to be in mortal danger to retain rights to their bodies. And every pregnancy has the potential to be unsafe and unhealthy for women. Even the most wanted pregnancies can and do impact a woman physically, emotionally, and mentally for Jesus saves everyone else roll for damage shirt of her life. To disregard what women endure during pregnancy and childbirth while simultaneously calling for it is to dismiss women from their own lives and negate their own stance. Women also don’t have to abstain because someone else doesn’t like abortion. No such thing as pro-abortion. It’s a very personal and difficult thing to do. It’s called pro-choice. Ectopic pregnancy or some other high-risk condition, OR if raped by spouse or stranger, or weather didn’t want a baby is no one else’s business. One-track mind? Like your fear of women having control of their reproductive rights? Steve, if you don’t understand essential I don’t know if you would understand any clarification. But first of all, I believe a woman’s reproductive health choices are her personal and private business. Second, because abortion is time-sensitive, you can’t put it on hold and schedule it for some time next year. And thirdly, I doubt you would be so willing to accept the same governmental control of your reproductive organs.


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