Jeff Bridges I survived 2019 shirt

Jeff Bridges I survived 2019 shirt



I see this quickly descended into Michael James Moses insulting people and making the usual ridiculous statements. His first reply he attacks someone’s IQ and suggests that *making things easier* is somehow “unfair.” The kind of ridiculous zero-sum thinking, as if making immigration easier somehow cheapens the fact that you immigrated, even though it has no impact on you. Sandra Kincaid Covert shows that she doesn’t understand anything other than ridiculous, xenophobic right-wing talking points. Then Michael James Moses comes back with ANOTHER attack on someone else’s IQ, making a bunch of unfounded statements about him. Of course, this sort of banal, unintelligent, constantly attack sort of approach should be expected from someone with Dennis “I love tyrannical dictators” Rodman as a profile image and trashy anti-choice rhetoric in their cover photo. William Marone, again you’re making assumptions. I don’t care what political parties say. I read news from all different kinds of places. I am an educated adult. I’m quite capable of thinking for myself. What controls do we have in place exactly? Currently, there are MILLIONS of illegal immigrants living here. Sandra Kincaid Covert people cross illegally because the current immigration system is based on preventing legal immigration for all but a select few. You should try thinking for yourself sometime, it’s worth the risks. Please explain how the illegals who break the laws are entitled to do so? While legal immigrants who are in the same economic situation obey the Jeff Bridges I survived 2019 shirt? You are simply wrong.


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