Jack Skellington St Patricks day Shenanigator definition shirt

Jack Skellington St Patricks day Shenanigator definition shirt



Every day it just gets worse. And STILL, too many of us are reluctant to vote for whoever wins the Jack Skellington St Patricks day Shenanigator definition shirt. The only one still standing I even LIKE is Liz Warren, and she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell right now. But I’ll vote for the eventual nominee whether it’s the billionaire autocrat, the clueless old fart next to him, or the fellow unwise enough to claim to be a “socialist” despite literal generations of propaganda turning that specific word into a source of Pavlovian American hostility. We don’t have the luxury of taking our vote and going home. Not only for the sake of these people but for ourselves as well. Because if they invent a method of stripping away citizenship, no one’s safe. Saje Williams they’ve already made it ok to think that noncitizens don’t have rights. They made it ok to think that non-citizens are criminals and deserve punishment. Soon they’ll make it ok to take away citizenship for certain people. The definition of “certain people” will expand just like all govt does. We SHOULD have to prove criminal intent before deciding someone has committed a crime, particularly one that you claim gives you the right to strip away someone’s citizenship. And is this REALLY the best use of our resources? If they commit a crime now, arrest and charge them. But this is just more malice aimed at people you all don’t like in general. If it was all about criminals, you all wouldn’t have a problem with DACA. These kids literally did nothing wrong yet you have no sympathy for their plight. It makes a lie of your whole spiel about criminals. Children cannot form intent so are not responsible for committing a crime in coming here. They grow up here, this being the only life they’ve ever known, fulfill specific requirements to be put in this category, and you folks DO NOT CARE. Lie to yourselves about your motivations all you want, but some of us won’t buy this crap no matter how prettily you package it.


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