Jack Skellington Quarantined shirt

Jack Skellington Quarantined shirt



Rachael Rolf Then all of you Trump supporters get together and hug and hang out for a couple of hours and then go to an island somewhere where there is no population and see what happens. Don’t forget to bring your guns. Then you won’t have to be on lockdown at all. you do not, however, have the right to infect other people. We already have absentee ballots available for disabled and ex-pats and many other demographics. I can access, securely, numerous government websites with private information. You’re telling me we can’t develop a similar method for voting? Give me a break. Your argument is weak as fuck. Michael Patrick not in Oklahoma you have to show up with an ID you mark your candidate on a paper ballot and put it into the Jack Skellington Quarantined shirt yourself. Our votes are tallied as they are entered the results of our state are always on time and there are never any problems. It always seems to be Democratic counties were they find boxes of ballots that’s haven’t been counted or other problems. So no I do t trust anyone with my ballot or my vote. And if you believe any different you are stupid as fuck since you decided to use words like that. Anyone that advocates for no ID and mail-in ballots are wanting to cheat and anyone with any common sense can see that. You provided ID and signature when you register. Mail ballots work. You sign the envelope. Election workers compare it against your registration. If they match, the ballot counts. If they don’t, they investigate. Works very well in Washington State. No problems. Graeme Sackrison in Washington they put party affiliation on the envelope, I wouldn’t trust someone with TDS to not shrewd every republican envelope. You’re crazy if you believe a word you are saying.


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