Jack Skellington christmas shirt

Jack Skellington christmas shirt



David Eck No. He didn’t. That was debunked. Typical right-wing idiot can’t look for a fact beyond fiction. Even though as a progressive, I can and do admit when someone on my side of the political spectrum is wrong. I even correct myself when faced with facts. Cee Readyapparently you aren’t familiar with the case. The baker is a Jack Skellington christmas shirt. He paints on cakes. He denied painting on a cake for a gay couple because he couldn’t live with the message, he offered to sell them any cake in his shop…but he refused to paint the message on the cake. He also refused to paint Halloween messages and other things against his faith. He won. We white people really need to stop making everything about us. That’s what people like “Suzanne Stewart” do. It’s not about us. We expect the world to bend over backward to assuage our fragility, but we need to shut the fuck up, listen, and do the work we need to help make this a more equitable world. Suzanne Stewart the Puritans fled England because they were political nuisances, and they caused a bloody Civil War. Also, when they got here, they committed genocide and other atrocities, including witch hunts and murdering other Christians. The Puritans were evil, and their actions are still a stain on this land we stole. Also, your bible says nothing about gays. That shit you will probably try to pull out as an example was Old Testament (Leviticus) and if you are following its teachings then why the hell did Jesus die for your sins? Jesus never spoke a word about homosexuality not once. So stop disrespecting the man who loves all and said what you do unto others you do to him, you uneducated bigot. David Eck a guy who owns a business that will be used by the public yet is too sensitive to put his beliefs outside or act like a true Christian and bake a cake for someone isn’t a decent person and fails at his religion.


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