I’ve had a hangover worse than the corona virus shirt

I’ve had a hangover worse than the corona virus shirt



Also, not all international students want to come back to take in-person classes and increase their chances of exposure to the I’ve had a hangover worse than the corona virus shirt. The ruling is also unethical because it wants to test reopening on international students while Americans get a choice. All lives matter the same. I was acquainted with a few international students when I went to college. And it’s a bit more complicated for them as they often have signed apartment leases, cars they have to sell or literally give away, a plane ticket back home has to be booked like 3 months in advance. But they knew the rules when they got here and how it works. If they do not have to follow the rules then why do Americans have to follow the rules? We cannot have double standards in our country anymore. It seems anyone who is not a citizen can do as they please while American Citizens pay the price. Just not right. Not at all, it’s just that they should have to follow the rules exactly the same as Americans. There should be no special privileges for anyone, us, and them alike. I say equal treatment for everyone no matter where they come from. Healthcare should not be given via employment. There is no freedom when your employer decides for you. Universal healthcare is best, provides greater freedom to move jobs, and you make your healthcare choices. It means we need single-payer healthcare that covers reproductive health based on the needs of the individual. If ‘religious freedom’ means taking healthcare away from people, we need to get the religious out of providing healthcare. If the Dems take power they should pass a law that employers have to provide one year paid maternity leave for every baby born. I’ll bet those employers will start liking birth control.


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