I’ve got 99 sockets but a 10mm ain’t one shirt

I’ve got 99 sockets but a 10mm ain’t one shirt



Brooke Nance nope, you too can look up basic statistics about the direct correlation between companies that pay their workforce minimum wage and how many of them are on welfare programs. Nice gotcha attempt though.  McDonald’s ACLU? What about the judicial chaos and the harassment supported by this non-profit organization for decades? Do you have how many attorneys in the New England Region covering up for illegal actions affecting women and children? Cowards? When DACA was enacted by Obama as a temporary measure to allow time for Congress to come up with a bipartisan solution. There was a built-in expiration date. Obama Congress did nothing. Republicans did nothing. Trump got elected, allows for the expiration, and HE was to blame? Since 2017 a handful of immigration bills have been introduced, however, Democrats prefer to push for the removal of the President, whatever it takes. Pelosi won’t even allow for a vote on the I’ve got 99 sockets but a 10mm ain’t one shirt if the House. This has to be scary for all those kids who registered and have been doing everything asked of them. Staying employed or joining the service, keeping a clean record, and paying a fee every two years. They are not criminals as the monster in the WH would have you believe. Here, through no fault of their own. We will see if the SCOTUS has gone completely over the bend when this is decided. It has so many implications for future ugly things that this regime will try to do.


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