It’s only rock and roll but I like it shirt

It’s only rock and roll but I like it shirt



Cliff Danner Those profits pay for big pharma to get rich. Do you think doctors in a universal system would work for free? “The real world”. Funny how you bring up the world when the rest of the world has universal healthcare for its citizens… They also pay significantly less per person. Joshua Evans, universal healthcare is the antithesis to individuality and limited government which the United States was built upon. I’ll stick with what works and not collectivism which through history has always ultimately failed its people. Alan De Queiroz I know you read Atlas Shrugged in high school and tricked yourself into thinking that you understood the world, but it turns out that companies actually do want access to the US’ consumer markets. Right-wing policies haven’t destroyed the It’s only rock and roll but I like it shirt enough yet to make that no longer the case. Noah Links that would be true if a few things remained static. Cost and those covered. But it isn’t. Cost won’t cover the amount of everyone added. Additionally, the profit made is taxed, so there revenue from that is also lost. Then the beaurocracy of government costs more because of the pay and pension is higher than those in the insurance industry. The government isn’t better than the private industry. Never has been, never will be. That is why fencing projects, for instance, cost more than companies can do. Also, why in the bid process is higher when the government pays. Medicare is a loss leader for hospitals and the rates would be higher if there was no insurance that pays more. This is known and most economists (even Democrats) say the cost will be 50+ trillion in 10 years at least vs the bulls— figure Warren claims of 35. Bear in mind that the total income of all of the 1% is less than 1.5 trillion. So even if you text them 100% leaving them absolutely nothing it would not pay for this plan. you would have to kick everybody off of their current plans have them give all of the money they currently pay in premiums. that would be for the worst product and to cover people that are not paying their fair share.


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