It’s not drinking alone it is social distancing shirt

It’s not drinking alone it is social distancing shirt



No, you just don’t get it, do you? Tell any woman who has been raped she is required to carry the issue to birth and, as in some states, share custody with the rapist. Tell a teen who has been raped by her father, brother, the uncle that she has to bear that child and be reminded for the rest of her life of the incest. Those are valid reasons not dictated by convenience. Your opinions have nothing to with anything except control. You just can’t stand that women have a right to control their own bodies. The act of rape is reprehensible, and all rapists should be prosecuted to the full extent of the It’s not drinking alone it is social distancing shirt. Those who hold to a truly pro-life ethic recognize this and do not seek to minimize the injustice done upon the woman. However, to oppose the killing of the child is not to diminish the violence of the rape; rather, it is to prevent a secondary crime from occurring. The injustice of rape does not justify a second injustice. Imagine a situation in which a woman is raped a day after she has sex with her husband. She later discovers that she is pregnant and doesn’t get an abortion for fear she will abort her husband’s child. She continues with the pregnancy, and after birth, a paternity test is performed. It is determined the baby’s biological father is the rapist. Should it be lawful for the mother to kill the newborn child because of the biological father’s crime? No. Why not? Because the newborn is human. But the preborn baby is no less human than older (born) children. Additionally, if it’s wrong to kill children conceived in love, then it must also be wrong to kill children conceived in violence because, in both cases, there are children involved. The value of a human isn’t determined by how she is conceived but instead by who is conceived—namely, a unique human being. As a side note, abortion does not “unripe” a woman or erase her trauma. It could add further pain and certainly makes another victim.


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