its not a shoe it’s a lifestyle shirt



Christine Parrilli Burns, maybe she should have gotten an abortion. Isn’t that one of the main its not a shoe it’s a lifestyle shirt the pro-abortion people give for having one? The mother can’t afford a child? Do babies cause a negative impact on the parent’s lives? Herman Frisbee, you just proved my point. Just scream about abortions but do nothing to aid women to stop them. PS As a male you shouldn’t have anything to say about it abortion except to help women to prevent them not just preach the same old abortion is bad and so are those who support it. Audrey Leiker, why should an employer have to pay a person for choosing to have a child? The pregnant employee should have the same coverages, under the law, as anyone else. KR Newsom Do you plan to have children in your future? Oh wait, I’m sorry—Do you plan for a wife to have children on your behalf in your future? Why don’t you have a conversation with that woman about why she should be fired from her job for carrying your child? Get back to us. Was it not the woman who chooses to get and stay pregnant? I left my job when I couldn’t work anymore when I was pregnant but it’s not their job to stop the company or kick someone else to the curb who had been doing my job. Glad I don’t employ anyone so I don’t have to worry about anyone else choice but my own. Yall on here bashing a man for making a valid point and calling out just for being a man. Pretty sexist of you. Brittney Goss it’s called discrimination look it up. Women like you make me sick. You left your job you made that choice. She was able to work she just had certain limitations. It’s kind of like when you pull out your back you’re cleared to work but you have restrictions on not being able to lift more than 10 lb. You shouldn’t lose your job because you have a minor restriction for a short time.


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