It’s not a party until the Canadians show up short

It’s not a party until the Canadians show up short



Kenny Pierce, it’s cute how they make so many assumptions. I’m all for reform and change. I’m all for helping people transition instead of that here’s a 100 now go mentality. Releasing them with the needed help seriously sets them up for failure. I think people mean well but they definitely have narrow points of view. I hear how unsanitary prisons are, makes you wonder why all these people are now worried about this, why wasn’t it an issue 1 or 2 or even 3 years ago. I think you have to have some kind of punishment yet at the same time if a lot of these individuals don’t have any skills that relate to everyday life most feel they don’t have a choice but back into the life they were in. To get out of the cycle is not easy. Most prisons than any other state with overcrowding. How can they give these prisoners the death penalty with this virus? When they could take steps to release prisoners with less time than six months and the prisoner at the biggest risk. They can be sent back to their country of origin, apply like individuals in (say Somalia) do. Wait for your time in courts, and go through the proper process. Why should someone from (for example Guatemala) be able to jump the border, and skip the proper channels and someone from (for example Somalia) be forced to wait it out as the It’s not a party until the Canadians show up short are written. It seems like a major blow to the champions of equally if you asked me. Some of those immigrants could be in detention for a crime so you think we should just set them free? what if they sexually assaulted someone. Our own citizens are not being released. If they have been convicted of a crime, they wouldn’t still be in detention. I’m sorry that you think to commit a civil offense warrants the death penalty. If they don’t let these people out, it will be pure unadulterated genocide. Fortunately, we’re not all sociopaths.


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